Competition conditions

Awards and Prizes

Prizes: Trophies, Medals, Ribbons, Cash

Teachers Aggregate: Award - Cash Prize $400 first place and $150 runner up Comdance members only. Teachers will be eligible for Teachers Aggregate Award. All entries by the teacher receive 1 bonus point, solos, duos etc. providing that the entry has the teacher's financial membership number displayed. 1st place receives 8 points, 2nd place receives 5 points, 3rd place receives 3 points, 4th place receives 2 points, and an honourable mention receives 1 point.

Group Teachers Aggregate Award - Cash Prize $400 first place and $150 runner up This section will be open to all studios. Each 1st place receives 8 points, 2nd place receives 5 points, 3rd place receives 3 points, and an honourable mention receives 1 point.

Age Aggregate: Teachers, Parents & Competitors please note that there is no charge for age aggregate sections and all competitors who meet the relevant requirements will automatically be entered. The requirements are as follows:

In Solos: Best 3 performances in their age section for 6 years, 7 years & 8 years Best 4 performances in their age section for all other age groups

Age Aggregate applies only to the actual age section (i.e. If a competitor enters into a section 10 years and under, their points will not go into the age aggregate calculations unless this is their age groups)

Please Note: We would appreciate that Award Winners be present on presentation day

Competition Conditions

  1. Competitors enter at their own risk. The committee accepts NO responsibility for any accidents or injury to any persons associated with the festival, either as a Competitor, Volunteer or a member of the General Public, at any time.
  2. Age of competitor will be taken as at 1st January in the current year. Winners may be asked to produce birth certificate before receiving trophies.
  3. The closing date for all entries is 28th March 2024. Please note: We will accept late entries up to 14 days but there will be a late charge of $20.00 per entry. ALL ENTRIES ARE TO BE ENTERED AND PAID FOR ON-LINE
  4. MUSIC UPLOADS: Closing date 7th June 2024 - No music uploads will be accepted after this date
  5. The Festival is only open to amateur dancers.
  6. The committee reserves the right to alter, amend, cancel or refuse any entry at any time or to cancel, combine or separate sections should the necessity arise.
  7. Entry fees are non refundable under any circumstances.
  8. The committee will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyright or royalty by individual performers or persons associated with the performance.
  9. The committee shall have full control of the program at all times.
  10. No harmful agents eg. fire, water, smoke, etc will be permitted on the stage.

Performance Rules

  1. Competitors who do not appear when their number is called may perform at the end of the section, but will only receive adjudication at the discretion of the adjudicator.
  2. Competitors whose names are omitted from the program for any reason will be required to appear at the end of the section, in numerical order.
  3. No Competitor may appear more than once in any solo Section of that genre.
  4. The same dance must not be repeated during the festival by the same competitor except for the Bursaries which may be the same dance.
  5. Competitors may only appear in their own age group in solo sections.
  6. The age of the group is governed by the eldest member.
  7. A group is 4 competitors and over. Studios may have a maximum of 2 entries in any group section.
  8. Group competitors must wear a wrist band at all times including when on stage.
  9. Competitors in duo/trio may partner an older or younger competitor. The age of the eldest competitor determines the section in which they appear. A competitor may appear twice in a section with a different partner.
  10. No qualified teacher will be allowed to perform in any dance routine excluding Mature and Motivated section.
  11. The Committee shall decide on any matter not covered by these rules and its decision on any question or dispute shall be final.
  12. No unsportsman like behaviour will be tolerated. Those showing bad sportsmanship will be asked to leave with no refund due.
  13. No prompting backstage allowed.
  14. All members of Tap sections must wear tap shoes.
  15. Competitors must perform the work of a school whose name appears on the entry form and must have been receiving tuition from the present teacher he or she is entered under for at least a period of 3 months prior to commencement of these competitions.
  16. Time limits will be rigidly enforced; entrants who exceed time limits will receive a 5 point deduction from their score. The time of the item will be taken from the commencement of music or from first movement of body, legs or arms until the competitor leaves the stage or the fall of the curtain.
  17. ONLY COMPETITORS AND TEACHERS are permitted backstage on group days. One parent or teacher per student is permitted backstage during all other days as long as they can produce a Lanyard or wrist band if requested on these days.
  18. If a competitor commences an item and stops they may appear again at the end of the section if time permits, however they will not be eligible for first placing.
  19. Music with tap sounds, not permitted in any tap dance (including groups).
  20. Acrobatic tricks can be performed in a non-acrobatic routine. However, it will be at the adjudicator's discretion if these are deemed necessary.
  21. Props to the backstage area only prior to the session they are required and then they should be removed on the completion of that session immediately.
  22. Please check all props for screws or nails so as to not scratch the stage.
  23. No white soled shoes permitted on stage.
  24. HOSIERY. Female and Male competitors are to wear at least knee length "dance tights" in all genres of dance. No bare legs will be acceptable. The Born to Perform Dance Festival is a family friendly festival and we feel that our most important duty is as guardians of the Competitors who enter this dance competition to perform in a safe and family friendly environment. We therefore adopt the "No Tights, No Dance" policy. We thank you for your attention and support in this delicate matter.

Description of genres for Comdance Competition Solos

CLASSICAL: pure classical ballet technique without a story and using classical or lyrical music. No Répertoire.

DEMI-CHARACTER: must tell a story incorporating steps and mimed gestures. Can include a prop, hand-held or placed on the stage. A variety of music can be used with variations in tempo. Classical or Semi-Classical music to be used with no lyrics.

NATIONAL: The dance from a particular country. Must be authentic and show the costuming, music, style and characteristics of that country's dances. Highland, Sailor's Hornpipe and Irish dances excluded.

LYRICAL: Modern flowing movements based on Classical technique. Music normally has lyrics and the dance should show a connection with the music.

CONTEMPORARY: A more individualistic and expressive style which is not bound by rigid technique, and showing free fall and spirit. The Jason Winters Contemporary syllabus is a guideline.

UP TEMPO MODERN JAZZ: An energetic rhythmic and stylish dance form. The Jazz exam dances of the Comdance Modern Jazz Syllabus are a guideline.

TAP: Any style of Tap - Theatrical, Street or Funk.

ACROBATIC DANCE: This section must contain 'Acrobatic' tricks (and/or contortion work) following the guidelines of the Comdance theatrical Syllabus, which includes a dance element of equal strength.

SONG & DANCE: Singing and Dancing permitted Any choice of song may be used. No voice over or miming to be used.

MUSICAL THEATRE: An item from a musical to include acting/dialogue, choreographed movement and dance (at least 2 styles of dance) with live singing (no lip-syncing). Song & Dance items are not permitted in this section.

JUNIOR AND SENIOR BURSARIES IN JAZZ, CLASSICAL, and TAP: Each section will include a workshop style class on stage. Up to 5 finalists will then be chosen to perform a solo of their choice in the genre of the section. Scores from class and performance will be added to determine the winner.


Voice critiques may be downloaded from Music Uploads website after close of each day's program.

Adjudication and protests

  1. The adjudicator's decision is final. The Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute adjudicator if deemed necessary.
  2. Protest against any competitor must be put in writing by the principal teacher to the "Protest Committee" within 1 hour after completion of a section with a fee of $30. If in the opinion of the "Protest Committee" a protest is deemed frivolous, the deposit is forfeited.


Front of house stage curtain can only be used in GROUP sections.


  1. All music will be required to be uploaded to MUSIC UPLOADS prior to the competition with a double check system to ensure you have uploaded the correct music, an email will be sent with instructions on how to do this. NO music will be accepted on the day of competitions and all music not uploaded will be treated as non appearance.
  2. Time limits will be rigidly enforced; entrants who exceed time limits will receive a 5 point deduction from their score. The time of the item will be taken from the commencement of music or dialogue or from first movement of body, legs or arms, until the competitor leaves the stage or the fall of the curtain.
  3. Copyright laws must be adhered to at all times. Entrants must be aware of their copyright responsibilities. Comdance is in no way responsible for a personal breach of copyright.

Dressing Room Areas

Each studio will be allocated dressing room space. Please check room allocation at admin desk. Teachers are responsible for noise levels in dressing area. This area is to be kept clean and tidy at all times. Please take all rubbish and water bottles on leaving your dressing area...rubbish bins are supplied. There will be a $100 cleaning fee charged to any studio that leaves their room in an unacceptable state.

Theatre Rules

  1. Mobile phones must be turned off in the auditorium, not just turned to silent.
  2. Due to copyright, the recording of any performances is prohibited within the theatre (this includes mobile phone cameras).
  3. Forbidden use of recording devices of any kind will result in confiscation.
  4. Etiquette must be maintained throughout sections.
  5. No children are allowed unaccompanied in the front 2 rows of the theatre.
  6. Sportsman like behaviour is to be maintained throughout the competitions.
  7. No one shall be permitted to enter or leave the auditorium during a performance


  1. We will have a professional company taking DVDs of the performances. Items will only be recorded if ordered and paid for before the session commences. More information will be available closer to the competitions.
  2. All persons accept that by participating in this festival, they may be photographed or filmed and that these images may be used by the Association nationally for promotion of the society. Association will not pass on any images onto third parties unless prior approval is sought.


Sponsorship is so important for the running of the competition and is a tangible way to support the students competing and the Performing Arts Industry. If you know of any business or individual who would be interested in Sponsorships, please either enter online or email for more options.


The Competitor enters into the Dancing Competition at the competitor’s own risk and will satisfy her/himself as to the safety of the competition area and surface to be used by the competitor.

The Competitor will follow all directions and set rules stated by the competition organizer or the persons authorized by them and waives any claims for liability against any organizer, (whether an Association or Individual), participant, official, steward, judge, visitor, employee, or invitee (the “participants”) and releases the participants from all liability that may arise out of the competition, to the competitor. Such liability shall include any personal injury, property loss or damage.

The Committee accepts no responsibility for props left in the theatre after the Event.

The Competitor or the Parent/Guardian or Teacher warrants that they have read and understood these rules and have agreed to them by entering the competition of their own free will. If they are not satisfied in any way with the rules or the standard of the competition area or any of the facilities, then they are not obliged to compete.